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The Call

The Call
NOMINATED FOR: LUST - Most Obesseive

The Call

Benoit, 50, is a police lieutenant wounded by the disappearance of his wife, Lise. Unable to perform his grief, he sees his physical and mental health decline when she mysteriously surface again years later. Then, Benoit begins to undergo a strange transformation...

France - 17 mins.
Director: Alban Ravassard
Writer: Alban Ravassard
Producer: Bertrand Chanal

Cast: Christian Benedetti, Pamela Ravassard, Johan Libereau
Music Composer: Francois Lietout
Director of photography: Raul Fernandez
Camera Assistant: Guillaume Quincy
Steadicamer: Christian Fournier
Gaffer: Samir Hadjazi
Grip: Aurelien Cormier
Sound engineer: Christophe D'Ornellas, Philippe Afonso
Assistant director: Fanny Poncet, Claude Guillouard
Script girl: Florence Cheron
Special Make up effects: David Scherer
Key set decorator: Marc Pacon
Props: Francois Remond
Wardrobe dresser: Marlene Gerard
Make-up: Marianne Desgree
Hairdresser: Johanna Jimenez Lesueur
Stunt coordinators: Julien Bruant, Anthony Heilmann
Set manager: Thomas Maggiar
Editor: Julien Chardon
Sound editor: Marc Valenduc
Sound Mixing: Corentin Calarnou
Visual effects: Damien Delannoy
Color grading: Steven Le Guellec